What a Great Trip!!!  Everywhere we went here in Costa Rica was an adventure.  The trip from the airport started the trip off the right way with Chino and Carolina taking us the long way to the condo.  On our drive we saw tons of wildlife including macaws, toucans, iguanas and we ever made a pit stop and saw some huge crocks.  What a great start!!!

Day Two; The zipline is well worth every penny.  Day three; the fun just kept on coming.  JC and Alex are topnotch and the fact that JC knows and practically owns these waters is a huge asset for this vacation.  JC would make a great Florida Guide.  34 ft Venture vs. 60+ ft sportfishers, JC claimed his waters and showed those big timers what the SailsCall was all about.

This was the best trip our family has ever been on.  Greece, the Bahamas, Aruba, Canada has nothing on this.

Thanks Kent, Costa Rica, JC, Alex, Chino, Carolina.

Capt. Kyle

Ed& Diane; Kyle & Jenn; Brian & Becky

 Our trip was incredible!  The first billfish for the four of us from Naples, Fl.  Carolina & Tommy were a great start to our trip.  Carolina was very personable and made us feel very welcome in Costa Rica.  You have a beautiful condo, we felt so at home for the week.  Thank you!  22 Sailfish released!

     JC and Cali were the best!  We all caught our fair share of billfish and they kept us laughing and entertained during our days on the water.  We will go home with many memories and great laughs from our dream trip. 

 Denny, Amy, James, Martin, and Jenny, Naples, FL  Feb. 17-22,

     Wow!  Our time is over.  Hard to leave.  The fishing was awesome.  JC and Cali were really super people.  The scenery and foliage are gorgeous... like UTOPIA!!!

     We are taking home lots of pictures of the beauty of the ocean, mountains, volcano, flowers, etc., etc.  WE ALL LOVE COSTA RICA & WILL BE BACK!

42 for 64 Sails

1 for 2 Marlin

2 for 2 Dorado

0 for 1 Wahoo

Total 69 fish 45 boated

Bobby, Mike, Harold & Liz, Kent & Tara, Tallahassee, FL  Feb. 10-16,  

Great time!

Beautiful condo.  Outstanding food!  What great restaurants!  Fishing good.

1 blue marlin

6 sails

3 days fishing

Visited "invisible" volcano-covered in clouds, mist.

Greatest moment: Catching fish

Scariest moment: Ride back from volcano!

     Love to return.

Jeanne & Reg, Tanya & Kevin, Florence, SC

  I just want to tell you what a great honeymoon Sarah and I had.  The fishing, food, condo, fishing and company were all fantastic.  We were very happy with the fishing action and really had a good time with JC.  On our off days we went to Tortuga Island, did a zip line tour and hiked Manuel Antonio.  We had a great time and can’t wait to go back.  You’ve got a great set up down there.

    17 Sailfish, 0 for 1 on Marlin (lots of cool jumps!)

      4 Yellowfin tuna

      4 Wahoo

      1 Dorado

     3 days fishing

Greg & Sarah, Tampa, FL

We had the most amazing time in Costa Rica. For starters, Carolina was a breath of fresh air from when we landed until we said goodbye. She was so helpful and prompt with everything.  I felt like there was nothing I couldn't ask her for.   She is a beautiful person.

The condo was so comfortable and fun to hang out at... from watching the birds and iguanas in the trees to cooking in the kitchen, totally first class.

Day 1: We dropped all the lines and within minutes bam! we were hooked up. I was up first and we knew it was a Blue Marlin when it jumped out of the water. I couldn't believe I was reeling in a 225 pound Blue Marlin on my first hook up. I got it close 3 times.  It kept running, finally I had to give it to my husband Jonathan; he landed it after a total 2 hour fight.

J. C. was awesome and worked really hard at helping us land the fish. Along with Henry driving and keeping the fish from running away. Within 20 minutes J.C. spotted dolphins everywhere, thousands of them. We hurried up and ran to them, they were herding Tuna and we wanted to get some. We pulled in 4 and lost 2.   It was a blast but we were worn out and ready for a cocktail or two.

On the third day we dropped 3 lines and right away we had a 42 pound Mahi Mahi. What a beautiful fish... it fought like a bull.

J.C. is the most knowledgeable and funniest Capt. I've ever fished with.  He made all of us feel comfortable and secure with anything we did on the water. And Henry was awesome at helping us too. Here are some great photos of us having the time of our lives.  I am saving up for my next trip to visit J.C. and the crew in Costa Rica;  thank you so much for the best vacation ever. 

Shawn M.  New Orleans, LA

I have attached some of the photos that we took while we were fishing. For the off season we did really well and had plenty of action. We had such an amazing time with JC and Kali. They honestly made the fishing so much fun and they were both very informative. We learned so much about your technique for billfishing, about the culture of Costa Rica, and we even worked on our Spanish too.

Thanks Again. I look forward to returning!!!

Melissa, Karen, Frank & Family, Palm Beach Gardens FL

  When you met us at the grocery store on our way in, we knew you were doing everything you could for us to enjoy our visit.  Your home is very elegant and yet simple for all to enjoy.

     We enjoyed the fishing, horseback riding, ATVs, but most of all just relaxing by the pools!  Thanks for sharing your home with us!

Mitch & Donna, Terry, Mitch & Lainey, Mitchie, John & Lindsay, Cape Coral, FL

     We enjoyed the condo and the wildlife in the large tree outside!  The condo is lovely and we enjoyed relaxing times here.  Manuel Antonio was wonderful and so was the Kayak & snorkeling trip arranged by Tommy's wife- Carolina.  She was a great help.

     Food at the El Pelicano was marvelous, as was the view.

Sandy & Jim, Tampa Bay, FL

     Another wonderful vacation has come to an end.  The fishing has been great... 67 sailfish bites and 1 Blue Marlin.  The ocean here is alive with all types of animals.

     JC is a wonderful asset to your fishing team and we enjoyed all the lessons for fishing.  Great time.

     Don & crew, Jupiter, FL  Feb. 4-10,  

     We had a wonderful time.  Fishing is outstanding... caught sailfish, dolphin, snapper and a rooster fish.  Had a "few" beers, rums and enjoyed dinner with JC, Marcella and Joel in Jaco.

Dick (father), Raleigh, NC, (sons) Kevin, Lake Zurich, FL and Ken, Jacksonville, FL  

Many thanks to you Caro, JC and the others for a fantastic trip to Costa Rica.  Everything from the accommodations to the fishing far exceeded our expectations. Count me in for another trip and any referral you may need.  Regards, 

Todd C.

We had a great time down at your place in Los Suenos. Your condo is great as well as your boat. That boat is a Cadillac ride. Carolina was great. She was so much help with any information, the airport transportation and lining up the canopy tour.

JC and Henry were great on the boat. They were able to put us on the fish despite some tough fishing. Eric caught his first Sailfish. The rooster fish and the Corvina were firsts for everybody. Everyone is looking forward to coming back down in the future. 


14 Yellowfin Tuna (20 - 50 pounds)

Day 2

2 Rooster fish

2 Corvina

1 Jack

Day 3

2 Sailfish (approximately 180 and 120 pounds)

1 additional Sailfish raised but no bite

Thanks for everything.

Alec B.  Charlotte, NC

I have two words for my visit: Amazing Adventure!!   Thanks for everything! 

Javier M. and Alex R.   New Orleans, LA

What an awesome week!  Wish the week could have been a month.  We can't wait to return to Costa Rica.  Your condo was great for our group... very comfortable and we love your staff (Carolina, Tommy, JC and Henry).  They treated us wonderfully and we loved all of them.  Our fishing was incredible:

1 Blue Marlin, tunas and mahi mahi.

We are buying this trip again next year.  Loved it, Loved it, Loved it !!!

JC: Thank you, especially for the 250 lb. Blue Marlin!

Shawn & Jonathan M., Debbie & Robert G., New Orleans, LA

This is a beautiful place, on land and ocean.

Day One

Caught a lot of tuna, left them biting, caught 1 nice Mahi.

Day Two

Caught nice mahi mahi, raised sailfish, and caught more tuna.

Day Three on land

Fabulous trip to Manuel Antonio Park, Quepos.  Great Day!

Day Four

Caught 4-5 Roosterfish, beautiful day on boat!

Special Thanks to JC and Henry!

Now going to Arenal area to see more of this beautiful country.

Ross & Cathi T., Tommy & Marylu S.,  Monroe LA

What an amazing trip!  Los Suenos is truly appropriate- "The Dreams!"

We have loved our Costa Rican Adventure:  Sportfishing, Canopy Zipline tour, Whitewater rafting, constant excitement!

The fishing was incredible!  We caught everything in the ocean:  Marlin , Sailfish, Dorado & Yellowfin Tuna.

None of this would have been possible without the caring detail & planning from Carolina!  Thank you for the fantastic memories, we can't wait to return!

Fred, Jeanette, Bill & Laura P.  Melbourne, Fl

This was the first family vacation we have ever had.

Christmas Eve dinner at Villa Caletas was wonderful... service & food were great.  The view was spectacular.

Zip Line- WOW!  4-wheelers: We went to the top of the highest mountain to see all of Costa Rica...and the drive down was a ride to remember.

Carolina was a charm.   It was pleasant to make a phone call and it happened.  (She is a doer...Jim really appreciated that.)

JC and Henry:  Not only great fishermen...but very good people.  Jaclyn caught her 140lb sailfish and said she couldn't have been able to do it without Henry.  He gave her the support she needed to continue.

Jim was the last to catch his 300 lb Marlin... what a rush he had!

I caught my first Sailfish and Cole caught a 350 lb Marlin and our Mahi Mahi dinner.  We will be forever talking about this trip.

Thanks for the memories!

Jim & Joanne M., Jacklyn & Cole C., Mike A.,  N. Palm Beach, Fl

We had a great time fishing with JC & Henry.  JC is a very knowledgeable captain and Henry is a perfect complement as mate.  Both of them make every day of fishing a great experience.

We caught multiple sails every day and raised at least 1 Marlin 4 of 5 days of fishing, landing 2 over 500 lbs.

Condo was great and every bit of your advice on places to eat was dead on!

Mark D., Slidell, LA

We had a blast!!!

JC & Henry are the best.  They make you feel like part of a team, not just a customer.

I caught the biggest fish of my life and learned a lot.  And the boat was great!

Matt D., LaPorte, TX

Now I need to work on getting back here!  This was undoubtedly the best vacation ever.  Wish I would have stayed an extra day.

JC & Henry made the fishing trip very enjoyable and taught me so much about trolling.

"Hook your own fish!"  It makes the experience.  You'll have plenty of chances!

"Pollo Cripsy" is the bomb.  Get some fried chicken and put in fridge for taking out on the boat.

Matt B.  St. Amant, LA

By far this was the BEST vacation of our lives!

We have been here 6 days, fished 4 days.

Caught 7 Dorado- 1 @55 lbs.

5 Yellowfin Tuna

Raised 36 Sailfish, Boated 24

1 Marlin

Very, very impressed by JC and Henry.  Carolina was also awesome.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your beautiful condo.  We will definitely be back to continue to enjoy the country.  The zip line was fun, and we enjoyed the family of raccoons out back.

Bobbi D. & Family  Punta Gorda FL 

Great time... Beautiful place... Gracious people... Fantastic fishery.

Boat, JC & Henry are the best.  We fished four days & landed a triple-header of sailfish the last day.

We boated:

15 Sails

1 Striped Marlin

2 Dorado

8 Yellowfin tuna

A vacation in paradise!

Sam T., Madison, NC

This was one of the best vacations/fishing trips we have taken.  I will definitely recommend this to other fishing buddies.  We are already planning a 2nd trip next year.  The total catch for the week was:

Sailfish  34

Striped Marlin  1

Blue Marlin     1

Mahi Mahi      8

We also had a Grand Slam!

Mike S., Mechanicsville, VA

We have had the best time!

Sailfish:  18 for 37

Mahi 2 for 3

JC & Henry are the best!  Sunset at Villa Caletas is a must!!!

Lobsterfest on Wednesday in Jaco was wonderful.

Carolina was so accommodating & the maid service was great everyday.  We will definitely be back. 

Les C.,  Smithfield, NC

Great Place!  Wonderful people.... Carolina, JC & Henry.  Lobster Feast.  Everyone should try...all the food and drink you want. 

JC & Henry: Thank you for my first deep sea fishing adventure, especially since I out-fished the guys.

Sue & Don S., Goldsboro, NC  March 14,  

Beautiful condo!  Everyone was very nice.  This trip was our honeymoon and we had a blast!!

We did 2 days of fishing and caught a bunch of Mahi and 2 Roosterfish.  Everywhere we ate the food was excellent!  JC & Henry were supersweet and Carolina was great.

Ann & Zac C., Ft. Myers, FL

Day 1

"Reel Hungry" Team arrived only find the place we had only dreamed of.  

Day 2

Fished on "SailsCall", Capt. JC & 1st mate Henry.  Caught 3 AJ/Jacks& 2 yes 2 BIG Roosters.  One was close to 60-65 lbs, monster, and the other was 40+.  Also huge, nice release on both caught by Jonnie & Alex.  Good, Good time. Great crew, water was clear, no rain till late evening, calm seas.

Day 3

1st day offshore.  Dorado galore!  Ran out of ballyhoo.  Could have picked at them all day.  Some in the 40-50 lb range.  10 dorado in box, released 15

Day 4

Bottom Day.  The crew went south to catch some grouper and amberjack.  Saw many whales jumping. What a day.

Day 5

Day off

Day 6

Offshore.  Focused on sails.  Instead landed a few dorado.  No bills.

Day 7

Landed a 50 lb rooster.  Great Trip,

Braden, Jonnie, Todd, Alex, Devin...

Reel Hungry, SC

Had a great week!  Appreciate the wonderful condo as well as the fishing, Everyone was been most helpful and the Costa Rican people are friendly and gracious.  Caught 6 sails, lot of dorado and a couple of rooster fish.  Overall a wonderful experience.  

Tony H., Brett M., Charles H., Dudley M. Jacksonville, FL

What a memorable trip!  The weather, the sunsets, the amenities ...I could go and on.  We enjoyed 3 full days of fishing ~ 2 out about 25 miles and the third day inshore.  Caught about 7 sailfish approx 130 lb. 3 dorado ~ great dinners grilling by the pool.  ~ 2 jacks, 2 roosters, 1 humpfish and 1 trigger.  JC and Henry were very accommodating and wonderful.  We loved "The Hook Up" and the serene pool/beach at the Marriott.  I got a Poseidon facial at the Marriott outside in a cabana ~ to die for.  Visited Jaco ~ neat shops and interesting ticos! :-)  

We also did the Manuel Antonio National Park tour.  Monkeys galore.  Fantastic tour guide, Sergio with Jaguar Riders Co.  Restaurants were delicious.  We all 4 took away money at the Marriott Casino ~ small, but winning $ is great.  

Carolina was wonderful, the grounds staff, and resort staff were all very friendly and helpful. No matter what other adventures we take in the rest of the world, Los Suenos will have a place dear in our hearts.  The whole week was breathtaking and relaxing ~ exactly what we all wanted!  We will be back, until then...Ciao --

Amber & Brett S., Sherry C., Scott F. -- Destin, FL

Great trip, great condo, great service.

3 for 6 on Sails 12/7

2 Mahi

0 for 3 on marlin 12/9

3 mahi on 12/11

JC & Henry were great hosts and worked very hard to find the fish.  Zip line was fun.  Great time had by all.


Tom & Sue T.

Bill & Carla D.

Pawleys Island, SC

Wonderful time had by all.  Everything was great.  The weather was perfect.  Had 3 days of fishing, 2 days offshore, 1 inshore.  JC & Henry are the best.  Caught some awesome fish, Sailfish, rooster, tuna, dorado.

We rode horses on the beach, a dream come true.

Volcano tour was very scenic, got some great pictures.

The zip line was quite an adventure.

This has been the trip of our life.

Bonnie & Corbett

Our quest was to spend many enjoyable hours in a tropical environment away from our stressful jobs, 31 degree temperatures and to CATCH FISH!  We are experienced angles and have been fishing in Costa Rica since 2-3-02, at Quepos, type of fish quested are sailfish, marlin, tun, wahoo, dolphin,  We saw sailfish jump 4 feet out of the water and enjoyed the spinner dolphin show.  

2/1/  -  0845 activity in the baits, no hook up. 10:58 Wahoo up to the boat, bit line & escaped-- his lucky day.   1:58 Sailfish caught when listening to Captain JC's hip hop music.  Our son’s first sailfish, which is worth the trip in itself.  3:15 pm  We call it a fun relaxing day.

2/3/   00 Sailfish - Ben hooked the fish and graciously let me catch and release him quickly - Thanks Ben !!!

1125 - Dolphin Ben caught supper - thanks again Ben.  It was delicious!

140 pm - Will caught his second sail - quickly caught & released.

2/4/  Exploration of the premises & a  great lobster feast in Jaco -- I cooked a great breakfast and we had Caro join us.  All the Costa Rica natives are friendly and our son Will speaks fluent Spanish, a real plus.

I fed the animals, 3 raccoons every evening and gave them fresh water.  Adorable.  

The boys smoked cigars & I star gazed.  The moon was 1/2 full, perhaps the fish are feeding at night & siesta-ing during the day, that is why the fishing was slow.  

We met 20 guys from Philadelphia, PA & had a great time swimming at pool side and getting to know them--They are delightful.

Super Bowl Sunday Steelers v Patriots

Was fun to watch at the Hookup--We loved the fish at El Pelicano - It was a wonderful vacation get away and we appreciate the hospitality and beautiful accommodations - Thanks.

Ben , Donna & Will A.

Siler City, North Carolina - GO HEELS

Great trip, great fun, I loved it here.


It was a paradise vacation, everything was wonderful.  Your restaurant recommendations were great.  What a way to start the year.

Clyde B., NC

Wonderful! Great weather, great condo, good fishing.  We came for the billfish and we weren't disappointed.

Day 1 - 4 sails, 2 dorado, 1 tuna, hooked up on 2 marlin

Day 2 - 6 sails

Day 3 - 1 sail

Day 4 - 3 sails, 4 dorado

JC & Henry were great.  They worked hard to find the fish.

Carolina was very helpful and was everyone we met along the way.  Carolina can arrange for side tours and anything you require.

Be sure to take the Vista Los Suenos canopy tour before you leave.

Bill, Jerry, Mort & Tom

Savannah, GA

Great people, great time, awesome views.  4 days of fishing, 1 sail 1st day for 6 trys.  2 day GRAND SLAM, go JC & Henry ( 2 sails, 1 stripe, 1 marlin)  Day 3 2 for 5 2 sails, & 64 imperials (beer) Day 5 2 for 6  2 sails, a little slow fishing on a full moon.  

George, Harris, Rick, & Dave  New Bern, NC

3rd year.  Always superior fishing to East Coast for bills.  Largest sails we've caught.

11 of 24 on 1st day of  .  A few near 200 lbs. or just above.

This time:

1 - 4 for 7 sails, 1 black, 1 blue

2 - 7 for 19 ( 1 at 200)

3 - 1 -1 (only 2 hours)

4 - 4 for 7 bill fish

JC & Henry Excellent!

SailsCall - super boat

Will come again!

Thanks to Kent, JC, Henry, Caro and Tommy.

Pura Vida!

Hal & Mike

What an amazing week!  Spectacular scenery!  Awesome fishing!  7 sails in 2 days!  JC & Henry were great.  They not only gave us 2 days of fantastic fishing, but we spent 1 day visiting some beautiful beaches that were only accessible by boat.  We will definitely come back again.  Thanks to Kent for the lovely accommodations.

Thanks again!

Fred, Jeanette, Steve & Melodie

P.S.  Flor de Cana! Great Rum!

Excellent time had by all.  Good fishing for sails

Day 1 - 1 for 5 slow!

Day 2 10 for 20!!! great

Day 3 8/15 again great.

JC & Henry were great. They know their stuff.  Great tours of canopy zip lines a blast and saw rare Paso turkeys in the trees.  Great shopping at Jaco, Villa Caletas, M.A. etc.

Manuel Antonio and tours were great in Quepos.  Had the dinner to die for at Villa Caletas Zephyr Palace.  Fabulous food, incredible views and gorgeous setting.   Highly recommended you have a private dinner at Zephyr Palace -- well worth the money.  We all hope to be back again.  God and the economy willing!

Robert & Eryn P. - Stuart, FL  

Philip & Lorraine G. - Savannah, GA

Paul P. & Crystal P. - Stuart, FL

The accommodations were great.  The fishing was good and the food was wonderful.  This place is better than Hawaii.  I'd definitely come back again and bring my wife,  JC and Henry were very good and friendly, which makes the fishing experience more enjoyable.

Lou M. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

What a great trip!!  Unbelievable fishing, accommodations, food & tours!  JC and Henry were the best!  I caught my first sailfish aboard the "SailsCall" thanks to them and Kent.  They were very patient, funny, respectful and just all round great people.  Los Suenos resort is everything you hear about and more!  Kent runs a 1st class operation.  I cannot wait until my next trip in September.  Too bad we have to leave.  Thanks to Kent, Laura, JC and Henry for such an awesome experience.

Brian G. - CCA Florida Palmetto, FL