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Protect Your Investment with Travel Insurance

To request a quote, here's how to fill out the form:

1. This specific plan is NOT available to residents of Missouri, Montana, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington. (Click here for links to plans in those states).

2. Date of initial payment: Enter the date you signed your Hummingbird Vacations reservation agreement.

3. Choose the optional Bed Rest option (required those without a valid CDC Vaccination card) for entry to Costa Rica.

4. Choose the optional Rental Car Damage if you are renting our SUV.

5. The Cancel For Any Reason and/or Interruption For Any Reason are great options.   NOTE: You MUST choose them within 21 days from signing your Hummingbird Vacations reservation agreement.

6. Enter the values of the travel costs you want insured. Then choose the other options you want. (Additional terms apply).


There are dozens of travel plans out there.  We've found a great one.  Travel Insured International's plan offers these options:

1. Provides the coverages required for entry by the Costa Rican government for travelers that do NOT have a valid CDC Vaccination card.

2. Some optional upgrade benefits you can choose from are:

Optional Cancel For Any Reason, Optional Interruption For Any Reason, Optional Travel Inconvenience - Bed Rest, Optional Rental Car Damage, along with other coverages you can find listed in the brochure below.

3. Baggage loss and delay.

4. Travel 24/7 assistance while traveling

Trip Cost Infographic by Travel Insured:

trip cost infographic


Information about travel protection was prepared by Travel Insured International and is hosted by Hummingbird Vacations.  All opinions expressed are Travel Insured International's.