Terms, Conditions and Booking Procedures for Charities

No cancellations or refunds are available. Trip interruption insurance (optional) is recommended to cover guests’ trip purchases and travel expenses due to delays or cancellations.

Trip does not include costs for check-in cleaning, damage insurance, fishing, tours, CR taxes, air or ground transportation and is valid for one-year from purchase; subject to mutually agreeable dates (excludes Christmas and Easter weeks).  Guests may purchase extensions to a certificate’s validity date at additional cost.

Financial Details: Please refer to the email we sent you describing the package regarding the cost to your charity and marketing tips to maximize profit margins.

Extensions may only be granted with our consent. Charities may request gratis or discounted certificate extensions on their guests’ behalf by sending us a written request. If approved, we will provide charities with a serialized and numbered Certificate of Extension which shall be presented to guests when pre-approved by us. Gratis or discounted extensions are offered only once so we may accommodate as many charities as possible.

Payment is earned when your charity sells a trip.  Payment is due 10 days after you receive payment from the winning bidder*.

Include the winner’s name and contact information, with the date and event name where the trip was purchased to register the winner with us. Reservations are not confirmed until we receive payment. All Charity accounts MUST be fully paid prior to any and all check-ins.

*NOTE Exception for CCA Florida- payment is due 10 days after we notify you of a guest's booking date or is upon the date that the certificate expires, whichever is earlier.